The Japanese thermal reconditioning DKA is a straightening system, Dikson, which brand uses organic keratin and bioactive substance 100% formaldehyde (the absence of formaldehyde is one of the capital gains treatment), along with the keratin protection natural hair and the preservation of the energy of the hair fiber. Before
the application is performed an analysis of porosity, elasticity and
hair texture, as well as the State of the scalp.

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Makeup should be harmonious, expressive and to highlight the face. We present a look with very trendy spirit and New Yorker. This season, the proposals of trend are sophisticated, bright, natural and very trendy.


We present a step by step makeup trend for city youth. The goal is a makeup day with shades of soft, fresh trend: skin uniform and natural presentation.

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A safe bet but discreet, this is a soft makeup, with a sophisticated touch. A make-up that bet on must have special attention to natural skin.


This should be with a healthy air, cared for, and without imperfections. The textures applied with the fingers get a perfect look with elegance and naturalness.

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Body painting is a variant of artistic makeup that allows you to use the entire body skin as working screen.


The exploration of shapes and colors allows you to achieve results of great beauty.


This art is, without doubt, the most creative in the world of makeup, and your application will the simple pleasure of make-up to photograph and expose, the ability to monetize it economically as professional activity.

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During the next season the hair tend to get more dry and dehydrated. It is therefore necessary to adopt special care to remain healthy. So, here are some essential tips to keep your hair healthy and hydrated during all season.


During the spring and summer, the hairs are exposed to various aggressions, such as UV rays, salt water, the chlorine of the swimming pools, among others.

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Femininity is the common denominator of the trends. Almost everything is permitted, provided that the result is the affirmation of the beauty and sensuality of the woman. The woman is beautiful and you should be fine with their particularities, but the makeup should enhance the strengths of the face.

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These days, have a careful and appropriate image to your profession is critical. Today it is essential to seek to reinvent your style, not maintaining the same haircut or genus of clothes for more than 5 or 10 years show that is updated and keeping abreast of modern times says a lot of their professional skills, but remember to keep your image consistent with your lifestyle!


Professional attire

In essence, the professional attire should be consistent with your profession, your body type and your age. In the case of beauty professionals, should pay particular attention to the uniforms-transparencies, glows and excessively revealing parts (too tight and/or short) are to avoid.

Should also pay attention to the patterns and colors that they choose, not to mix too many patterns and watch the pieces with very visible logos that distract the customer. A good choice for an elegant uniform is the use of Waisted Pants because they are an excellent choice to the detriment of drop waist.


Also the underwear will influence a lot your professional look-this should be “invisible”, IE not have seams or lace that protrude through clothes. The straps of the BRA should not be on the shows and the silicone handles are a good choice a sare also visible.


Body type

In General, cut the right promote all body types. Who have wider hips should forget tapered pants! If you want to lengthen the silhouette, and if the uniform permit, choose use vertical instead of horizontal stripes that “extend” that area of the body.

It is said that black slims and it’s true – the dark shades reduce the volume, while light colors the increase. You can play with colors to your favor and balance your proportions. V-necks are also a good bet to elongate the silhouette in all body types, but should not be too sharp.



When it comes to haircuts, the rules are the same: should take into account the nature of your job, your face type and your age.



If you have a more formal profession, opt for a classic cut like a bob that will give you a more mature aspect, which is especially important if you are young and need to convey credibility and confidence.


The highlights and nuances should be subtle, in the same color palette – highlights and with strong colors are options that should discard. The best option for long hair is to use them caught in a ponytail arranged, which gives a rather sophisticated and professional air, or in a bun or french twist.


Type of Face


The Court must cherish above all its best features and conform to the shape of your face, trying to create the illusion of an oval face, considered the ideal type. Long faces should avoid long hair and faces more squares with strong JAWS must run also cuts squares, like bob.




If you’re young and your profession allow, there is greater freedom to try the trendy haircuts. Already from the 40 years should look for elegance in time of style and stay away from colors too bold or asymmetric cuts.


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If it’s one of those busybodies who don’t have the time to dry your hair before you leave home, be aware that is damaging to your image. The hair should have a good Treaty aspect and requires some care.


If you don’t have time to do a time-consuming drying chooses to try to dry the hair upside down in the roots and will be immediately with the hair more voluminous and arranged for the rest of the day, so will prevent the hair win and keep a ways look lifeless and sloppy.


You also need to have attention to styling products. The visual must be as clean as possible and should avoid the use of gel, especially wet effect. Can be used to shape a few tips rebels, but should stick around.


Likewise, the foam should be used in a few quantities, before drying, according to your hair type, i.e. to be able to optimize the characteristics of your hair and not to secure: the hair should stay with a healthy aspect and with movement and not with a aspect too controlled and with excess product.


The lacquer can be a great ally to reduce static electricity and to keep the hairstyle, but the goal, again, is to get a hair arranged and natural and not a reinforce dimmune to wind hair! Should avoid the use of springs and large hooks, for you shall give an unprofessional air.



Can use the so-called “invisible hooks” to tame any section more rebellious and,in pigtails, should opt for finer elastics and neutral color, preferably in the tone of the hair.




The level of staining, opt for colors in their natural tones, that is, go up or down a few shades. And remember that the coloring is a long-term investment and that requires maintenance – be careful with the unsightly roots!



In terms of makeup, the ideal is to respect their shades and natural. The fond deteint must exactly match the skin tone! The base color should be chosen by applying a small portion on the jaw line and, if you don’t notice the difference, is the

ideal color.

In the professional context is to avoid the garish colors and, for example, eyes very loaded, like the hazy effects. Also the nails must be cared for – painted or not,the important thing is that they are clean and well cut.





Must have attention to footwear. We have to be careful with open shoes, air toorelaxed. Use shallow opt for safer parts such as moccasins or a beautiful face.


If you prefer high heels Please note excessive height-ideal for work should not exceed 4 cm. And it is very important to also take into account the material, since it must be comfortable.




The perfume can be seen as a necessary accessory but should not opt for very intense odours that overlap the everything else. Use sparingly or replace by a Cologne, which is lighter.




The glasses should reflect your personality. However, it should not be too exuberant. Should opt for discrete and neutral glasses that match all the colors. The sunglasses should not be used indoors or after sunset, nor serve as a headband!


Bracelets and rings


All other accessories must also be consistent with your lifestyle and work. Remember that a lot of rattling bracelets or necklaces too large and elaborate are elements that away attention from what’s really important.


When you are working, should remove all accessories that can interfere. In short,less is more, sobriety is the watchword.


Special men

The rules that apply to the ladies are, in General, the same that apply to men, with the exception of some particulars:


  • The color of the socks should be according to the pants and shoes and must arrive in the middle of the leg so that it stay out of sight when it’s crusade;


  • All facial hair must be trimmed and care.


Cosmetic brands are betting on products that protect from external aggressions, particularly ultraviolet rays, so the makeup is also your shield. After the summer,we fall into the temptation of not protecting the skin from the Sun. Mistake, hence the need for a timely prevention.


Although the sunscreen is more important in summer, because there are more hours of sunshine, this enters the atmosphere in a more vertical and ultraviolet rays are not so absorbed by the ozone layer, how do you explain the dermatologist Michael Trenches, sun exposure, even in the colder months, continues to damage the skin. Even in periods of low insolation, some parts of the body like the face, neck and hands are constantly discovered and in contact with the Sun’s radiation, says the expert. Read More →