Women love makeup and the favorite bet of most, is to opt for eyes well marked. The shadow, the mascara, the eyeliner and the Illuminator, have the function of check and highlight the eye area, thus leaving the woman look more striking and makes all the difference in the look. Smoky eyes makeup is a tendency among the female audience, and is used on several occasions, but mainly for parties and events the night. Check out tips on how to do the best smoky eye makeup according to the type and format of your eye, since thus you highlights the strengths and disguises imperfections.

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The increasingly tumultuous world, this includes the rush of day, traffic, family to look after, home to clean and many other factors that end up affecting the skin in ways almost impossible to believe. Another factor that destroys the skin’s pollution, dirt from the air. All these factors make our skin dry out and keep excess dirt with oily aspect, which opens the pores and cause acne. Another factor, that the women can’t live without, is the makeup, all makeup has to be removed and redone four in 4 hours, but due to the rush of day-to-day is almost impossible to make that happen. For these reasons it is important to always use liquid soaps, which are more creamy, every day, wash your face at least twice a day and make a facial a week. Skin cleaning professionals are of a very high cost, but it is important to invest at least once a month, to do a weekly facial we teach you which products are essential and how you should use them.

How Do facial

Homemade cleaning takes about thirty minutes and some products, rather than buy, you can do such as the mask of cucumber and Chamomile water. Read More →

Our skin, over the years, exposure to the Sun and also pollution, can suffer serious consequences, as signs of the time, for example. But when people think of skin care, the first thing you care about is with the face, and then with the members, such as arms and legs. The neck and the neck often are forgotten, and they also need special care.  Are your delicate areas that can suffer with time signs, stains and other problems. Check out tips on how to take care of.

Tips of how to take care of the neck and Neck

Hydration, especially after bathing, should not be only made in the body and face. The neck and the neck also need to be hydrated, do suffer from a tendency to dryness or dehydration. Take care of these parts, and mainly the neck, because as is very sensitive and has a delicate skin, can be flaccid. Read More →

Every year we have several commemorative dates in every way, quiet, sad, memorais and folia. We wait for all of them eagerly, but there’s one that makes all people of the world stop to celebrate Carnival. Began in Greece, between 600 and 520 BC (before Christ). It was a form of worship in thanking the gods for production and soil fertility. In 590 CE (ad) was adopted by the Catholic Church, the Carnival was a goodbye to flesh, a party where everyone ate plenty of meat, with pranks and partying according to your culture. Today the Carnival is celebrated in 3 days of lots of fun, with parades of samba schools, with a lot of color, joy and daring. The colors this time of year are very used to an extremely striking, so teach you now how to do makeup well marked to enjoy the Carnival this year. Read More →

All current hairstyles have a messy air and deconstructed. Aren’t worth investing in alignment or storage. To achieve the effect messy finalizers are responsible to ensure the desired result, that’s the way it works the ointment. Have the texture similar to talc, has the power to reduce or add volume, but should be used with care, it is important to check the amount, in excess, the ointment can leave the wires. Can be used on any hair type, but smooth the effects are most apparent.

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Men are more modern every day, worried about the appearance, taking care of the beauty, style and even health. There are some who prefer the traditional stuff, but there are some investing seriously in standards of beauty, as do her nails, model the eyebrows and shave. There are good practical methods and serving anywhere in the body, such as razor blades and depilatory creams, which are not the most recommended because thicken the root of by causing it to grow thicker.

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Who doesn’t like to take care of the hair? See them beautiful, silky, shiny and just the way we dream is wonderful, but expensive! And why not combine business with pleasure? In this area you will teach various tricks to take care of hair in a way that is cheap and that has the power to make you well satisfied.


Hair care Tips

Rubio: the blond requires much more care, including time to paint, than any other color besides assaulting extremely hair, you run the risk of not getting the desired result. A big problem of blonds is that they fade, yellow and turn green. To avoid these unexpected it is recommended that you use a moisturizing mask and desamarelador shampoo for blonde hair once a week. Wash your hair with chamomile tea ice cream, no sugar also gives a boost in blond and helps them achieve the result barbie (blond, almost white).

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Natura is a brazilian company that comes to look after the health of our bodies and hair since 1969. His first was Antonio Ambassador Luiz Seabara. Today the natura distributes to 8 different countries around the world and your motto is: well be Well.

Live in the moment, here and now, is the proposal of the Natura line Is. There are 10 years innovating their creations, showed us once again that innovation never ends with the new Is line, same fragrances, new sensations.
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Many women have the will to change the look, and that starts with a new haircut. But how to choose the ideal cutting among so many options? To set, it is necessary to choose what most suits you, not only taking into account the personality and style, but also the features and face shape. A type of hair that looks good for a woman with the oval face, may not combine with another if the type face is round, for example. That’s why we brought you some tips on how to choose the ideal cut and stay even more beautiful.

Tips on how to choose the right haircut For Your face shape

Round: the cuts that favor the face with rounded shape, are those that have volume, as on the forehead (bangs) or cheeks. The wires are recommended and combine too peaked with that kind of face. Already the length depends on other factors, such as neck short or long, height, body type and etc.

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Something that never hurts to no woman are knowledge about health, fashion and beauty. And one thing that is essential in the world women’s makeup, it is powerful to enhance the strengths of the face and hide the weaknesses. Some companies require that at the time of hiring that the woman has a good appearance, sometimes there’s no time to make that super elaborate makeup, but even late I don’t leave the House without at least mascara and blush.

Makeup techniques and Procedures

When well crafted makeup is capable of true miracles, and sometimes we let the most striking and intense for the night and the more discreet for the day, some women have very easily for makeup, others have a lot of difficulty. For women who have more difficulty, do not know very well the techniques and tricks, there are a few tutorials and courses over the internet, where they teach various techniques, tricks and methods with texts, videos and photos explanatory objective and well step by step easy to understand and it’s all done in the convenience of your home. Read More →