The Marcel wave (Marcel Ondulation) was invented in 1875 by the German hairdressing Francois Marcel Woelffle, who had opened a hair salon in Paris and later renamed Francois Rene Marcel in the United States.

Marcel invented the technique named after him, reasonably stable with a curling iron to create hair waves (undulate) and thus revolutionized the hair fashion. The curling iron was later replaced by electric-powered curling rods (irons). Waves are important part of all women’s hairstyles 60 years and Marcel became a rich man. Read More →

Supplements fashion is increasingly on the rise, and it is that there are all kinds of substances aimed at helping us in one way or another when it comes to improving our health and physical appearance. An example of these are the proteins and amino acids of which cast hand most of the athletes. This time we will not stop in their effects or utility, but it let’s see what makes other less known such as complement the carbohydrate blockers. Read More →

So Good And Cheap Are The Dupes Of Branded Products Really

It is this one, this very special lipstick. The perfect, classic red. Or the pudgy-soft eyeshadow in the color that lets your eyes shine as no other can. “It is love!”, You think – and only discovers the inconspicuously placed price tag on the way to the cash desk. Ouch! 20 euros for a single eyeshadow? This does not only hurt the purse. But is that a reason to forgo something that makes you happy? No! This is where cosmetics dupes come into play. Together with beauty expert and blogger Isa von Smoky-Eyed, we explain to you what is behind the term.

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Sports nutrition environment is still having many doubts, and it is that there are many theories that exist on the subject. On this occasion we want to give a little more than light to the doubts that may arise environment to What to eat after training, Since most of us commit many faults. It is true that after training it is necessary replenish glycogen levels, as well as contribute to muscle the food they need to recover, but we can avoid errors resulting from the hunger that causes us to exercise and loss of glycogen. Read More →

The MAC Cosmetics is one of the most renowned companies in the makeup industry with products and releases ranging from shadows and lipsticks to paintbrushes and commemorative cases and which are the desire of almost all in love with makeovers. Among the 2014 releases was the lipstick MAC Heroine which quickly became a rage among the consumers. Learn all about this lipstick and how to use and combine it. Read More →

20 September 2013 Fitness And Sport Motivation is the most important thing in sport. If you can get on the hard workout, you should be inspired by the tricks of the top athletes. Imitation highly recommended

Sabine Lisicki is currently regarded as the hanger of the German tennis. This is not only due to the fact that they made their entry into the final of Wimbledon in 2013, but also because their positive energy transmits themselves via television. Read More →