Yes, maybe now you do not worry, but the neck is one of the parties not to be missed in the beauty routine. In fact, along with the face it is (and will be) your business card. Here we show you how to keep it perfect

Even the face, your neck communicate to others your age. The fabrics are easily relax, shrivel and become so heavy as to form those nasty Venus “commonly” necklaces called folds. A restorative treatment for firming action, if used daily, runs the risk of failure. Remember, as Cleanse the skin, you must never forget your neck!

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First warm = sweat and discomfort. Cosmo will reveal all the secrets to choosing the right deodorant and have fresh and fragrant armpits.

With the first warm close contacts can be dangerous. If you take the means or the subway in the morning, but after business hours do you know something. And even if your co-workers occasionally would need advice on freshness, short enough to be overwhelmed by the heat and put half the interference of bad smell to create authentic moments of embarrassment and discomfort.

Why do we sweat? A natural mechanism

Perspiration is an indispensable mechanism for the welfare of the organism that performs two important functions: removes debris accumulated in the body and maintains the internal body temperature at 37 degrees. Even if the sweat arises odorless, in contact with the air, alters the bacterial flora cutenea, it deteriorates turning into bad odor.

How to choose the deodorant

The deodorant products are divided into two large families: the anti-bacterial and anti-perspirant. The most commonly used are those that reduce their body odor with a bactericidal action combined with action “captures smell”. It is sweet formulas with aqueous texture or in milk suitable for all skin types, do not contain alcohol or irritants. The anti-perspirant, instead, usually in roll-on or tubes act at the origin, braking the diffusion of sweat. They are suitable for sports or for those who have a particularly heavy perspiration and are very valid to avoid the unsightly stains on clothing located in the armpits.

Better to choose a scented deodorant or not?

The fragrance is not really important, what is important is that it contains an effective bactericide formula mind. Of course, in summer, you can use a deodorant in line with your favorite fragrance or with a light bouquet and replace it with the eau de toilette a halo more discreet.

Deodorant can be used on the skin not just shower “fresh”?

Because the deodorizing effect is really effective it is essential that it is applied to the problem areas previously washed with soap and water and dry completely. Spray deodorant scented armpit rumor that causes a very unpleasant olfactory mix.

Deodorant with alcohol or without?

Most deodorant without alcohol evaporates only serves to give a temporary feeling of freshness, but does not pursue any bactericidal function. You should always use deodorant alcohol free or very low percentage, especially in summer when the sweat increases due to the temperature and makes all skin types (also the strongest) easy prey to irritation.

Just one deodorant for the whole body?

Absolutely no. Each formula has its specific function and common sense suggests that a deodorant under the arms does not have the same result if sprayed on the feet or on the hair. Use one at random, at best, it would be useless. At worst, however, the deodorant may cause serious irritation.

Choose cotton and linen

Focuses on light colors that give light to the face and reflect the sun’s rays. Shirts, tee shirts, tank tops and viscose mesh or mineral fibers have the disadvantage of holding the odorous molecules of sweat. So put in the account to wear them only when they are clean of laundry. The same goes for the tights or undergarments in synthetic fabrics that require daily washing.

Beyond the areas “under”

They are particularly vulnerable to bacteria (think about it when you sit on the bus without socks and bare legs on the seat? Lurking there are candidiasis, papilloma virus, and more). So itima hygiene with a specific detergent, attention to hygiene attitudes relaxed and above all a deo for long lasting disinfectant designed just for those areas. For a truly bactericidal effect, vaporizzalo also on the slip. And keep on hand of disinfectant wipes from her purse.

It’s a fact: your extremities raise the charge testosteronica than half of the male population. So Cosmo tells you how to have perfect feet in 4 easy steps.

Are you curious to find out how to have perfect feet in four moves? Even if it snows or the temperature drops below freezing, the sandal glittering list and heel 12 is for sure your workhorse in the evening. Because the “naked” foot is terribly sexy. And do not let’s just us, but it reveals a search which took into consideration 400 forum on the topic of online intimate relationships. The result? The attention of the surfers on the body parts that excite them is almost unique: half, in fact, prefers feet and fingers.

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Discover the new line Elle Macpherson The Body, composed of several products designed for the care of body and skin. Completely designed to meet your needs and if you like to be in top form. We at Cosmo went premiered in touch.

Often you wonder how celebs manage to stay young and beautiful tonic despite the passing years? A striking example is brought there by Elle Macpherson, class ’64, physical charm and enviable. In September will be released in selling its line points, a full range of devices to have the look of a supermodel, in collaboration with HoMedics. Read More →

Want to ensure a fall / winter red carpet? Put Cosmodritte to feel in practice (and you do!) Always in top form. From the desk happy hour 15 smart ideas for a super sexy body

1. Exfoliate, moisturize and nourish

Under the tights the skin flakes off and loses compactness? Mix brown sugar and olive oil and made a scrub. Then every night massaging the skin with a vegetable oil (jojoba, almond or carrot) or with a moisturizer rich and full-bodied. In the morning, after wearing the tights, apply a dab of milk-body over the socks, spread well and expects it to be fully absorbed before getting dressed. You will arrive in the evening with velvety skin and soft! Read More →

A skin clean and well cared for is the principle of beauty for all skin. Many women have no idea what waste products on the skin may cause over the days. In the infographic makeup and women a study showed that 30% of women didn’t remove the makeup to sleep at least 2 x a week, causing various problems for the skin.

The damage caused by the waste of makeup on her face

An article published in July this year by the Daily Mailnewspaper, had quickly, because one of his journalist purposefully decides not to remove the makeup properly in their day to day, to see what would be the results.

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Focus on five major designers of New York Fashion Week, who have called on a fresh make-up and bright.

Continue the adventure of May belline New York at Fashion Week in the Big Apple. While it is true that on the catwalks are decreed trends and must haves for next spring / summer 2014, it is also true that the make-up artist interpreted fashions, complete the look and choose how and what to wear make-up for next season. Transparencies, nude look, very orange, life and discover the most classic floral prints are reinterpreted in a New York Fashion Week which has shown some nice…

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Continue to take care of their beauty during pregnancy is und duty, but care must be taken with products that we spread on the skin. Here are the beauty creams permitted women pregnant.

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes multiple changes, resulting in skin changes involving the appearance of imperfections which in most cases have destined to disappear after giving birth, while others, such as cellulite and stretch marks, turn out to be slightly deleterious, but more in the latter case than in the first. That is why it is important to take care of your body especially during pregnancy, using suitable products to women in pregnancy, and paying attention to formulations of the treatments. Read More →

Do you think that honey is only good to eat? You are wrong. It also has a delightful wellness remedy. Discover recipes DIY and how to use it every day in your beauty routine
Honey is not only a tasty treat for the palate, but it is also a delicious beauty make-up. This nectar of nature has antibacterial and antibiotic properties and is an effective humectant that can catch and hold water in the area where it is applied. Welcome hydration! Here are 7 ways to use the properties of honey for skin and more beautiful and healthy hair.

Tip: if you can choose pure honey, has not been treated and kept unchanged its properties. Read More →