Currently female nails won a larger space in the world of aesthetics, with several trends being released constantly, as well as news in the world of glazes and decoration. Stiletto nails, for example, are on the rise and have become brands of some celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Fergie.

These nails refer to the years 80, because many women of that time already used this style in the form of nails. Stiletto consists of the pointy nails, which resemble claws also and although they are very beautiful, they’re not as practices and need a lot of care. Check out some tips on how to make and pictures for you inspiration in this fashion. Read More →

In search of ideal beauty and always stay young, most women opt for aesthetic treatments. The treatments aim to modify any feature or imperfection, or even remove the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and expression marks. One of the most popular treatments is the botox, adopted by many celebrities from music, film and socialites. Just like any other cosmetic procedure, the use has its benefits, but is also needed some care in application and contraindications. Check out what is the botox and the arguments for and against the use of this toxin on the skin.

What is Botox

Botox is the popular name of Butolínica Toxin Type a. Consists of a protein complex and obtained from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. When this toxin is used in small doses, it can block the release of a substance, acetylcholine. This substance, for your time, is responsible for sending electrical messages from the brain to the muscles. When the action of acetylcholine is blocked, the muscles do not receive message to
contract. It is precisely for this function to interfere on contraction of the muscles, which the Butolínica Toxin is used for processes of smoothing of frown lines and signs of aging.

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Decorated nails are fashionable a few years ago. With innovative designs or decorations, Nail Art, as are called nails decorated and illustrated, bring their own trends, as well as follow the trends in high fashion. The Portuguese tile prints, for example, are present in the clothes, shoes and now also in the decoration of the nails, leaving the wife even more beautiful and with a modern look. For those who want to learn how to decorate with the illustrations, check out our step-by-step tip to be inspired and do.

Pictures Sets Nails Decorated Portuguese Tile

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Mickey Mouse is a fictional character created by Walt Disney in November 18 1928, appearing for the first time in a short animated film called Plane Crazy. Became the main symbol of The Walt Disney Company and is one of the most recognizable characters in the world.

Mickey has a group of friends that is also very popular, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy and Minnie, the latter being also your girlfriend in the cartoons. The success of drawings consists of decades, and over time, they collect licensed products that took his illustrations and names.
The Nail Art is known for a number of years, which is how to paint your nails, decorating with different shapes and designs. One of the most requested characters for the girls at the beauty parlor is Mickey. Check out photos for inspiration and step by step how to do. Read More →

As well as hair and skin, nails also need care to be always beautiful, and such care can also vary according to age. As the years pass, the body of the person and the attention and care should be reinforced, as they may be more weak and brittle. Check out tips on how to take care of the nails in all ages and stay beautiful.

Tips and care With the nails in all ages

20 years: Many young people often nail-biting, but should be aware that to have strong and beautiful nails, the first step is to stop biting them. Make it a habit to leave the nail always painted or use or strengthening, thus preventing you to be biting. Whenever the enamel peeling, small touches give instead of take them out completely. When you need to make the glaze, use a non acetone remover, because it prevents drying of the nails. Use the cuticles emollient cream is also a great option. Read More →

Women love makeup and the favorite bet of most, is to opt for eyes well marked. The shadow, the mascara, the eyeliner and the Illuminator, have the function of check and highlight the eye area, thus leaving the woman look more striking and makes all the difference in the look. Smoky eyes makeup is a tendency among the female audience, and is used on several occasions, but mainly for parties and events the night. Check out tips on how to do the best smoky eye makeup according to the type and format of your eye, since thus you highlights the strengths and disguises imperfections.

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The increasingly tumultuous world, this includes the rush of day, traffic, family to look after, home to clean and many other factors that end up affecting the skin in ways almost impossible to believe. Another factor that destroys the skin’s pollution, dirt from the air. All these factors make our skin dry out and keep excess dirt with oily aspect, which opens the pores and cause acne. Another factor, that the women can’t live without, is the makeup, all makeup has to be removed and redone four in 4 hours, but due to the rush of day-to-day is almost impossible to make that happen. For these reasons it is important to always use liquid soaps, which are more creamy, every day, wash your face at least twice a day and make a facial a week. Skin cleaning professionals are of a very high cost, but it is important to invest at least once a month, to do a weekly facial we teach you which products are essential and how you should use them.

How Do facial

Homemade cleaning takes about thirty minutes and some products, rather than buy, you can do such as the mask of cucumber and Chamomile water. Read More →

Our skin, over the years, exposure to the Sun and also pollution, can suffer serious consequences, as signs of the time, for example. But when people think of skin care, the first thing you care about is with the face, and then with the members, such as arms and legs. The neck and the neck often are forgotten, and they also need special care.  Are your delicate areas that can suffer with time signs, stains and other problems. Check out tips on how to take care of.

Tips of how to take care of the neck and Neck

Hydration, especially after bathing, should not be only made in the body and face. The neck and the neck also need to be hydrated, do suffer from a tendency to dryness or dehydration. Take care of these parts, and mainly the neck, because as is very sensitive and has a delicate skin, can be flaccid. Read More →

Every year we have several commemorative dates in every way, quiet, sad, memorais and folia. We wait for all of them eagerly, but there’s one that makes all people of the world stop to celebrate Carnival. Began in Greece, between 600 and 520 BC (before Christ). It was a form of worship in thanking the gods for production and soil fertility. In 590 CE (ad) was adopted by the Catholic Church, the Carnival was a goodbye to flesh, a party where everyone ate plenty of meat, with pranks and partying according to your culture. Today the Carnival is celebrated in 3 days of lots of fun, with parades of samba schools, with a lot of color, joy and daring. The colors this time of year are very used to an extremely striking, so teach you now how to do makeup well marked to enjoy the Carnival this year. Read More →

All current hairstyles have a messy air and deconstructed. Aren’t worth investing in alignment or storage. To achieve the effect messy finalizers are responsible to ensure the desired result, that’s the way it works the ointment. Have the texture similar to talc, has the power to reduce or add volume, but should be used with care, it is important to check the amount, in excess, the ointment can leave the wires. Can be used on any hair type, but smooth the effects are most apparent.

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